About Us


Welcome to “Leen Food And Beverage Industries” Family. The company known as a most reputed Food and Beverages base manufacturing company in northeast, India. Operated business as a fruit juice, energy drinks, potato chips, fried peas, and beverage sector. “Leen Food and Beverage Industries” produced as per international standers maintaining highest label of quality at every stage of its production process. “Leen Food And Beverage Industries” has nationally known brands. Around the Three years, the business has not only improved in stature but additionally contributed really towards the overall socio-economic stimulation of the country. “Leen Food And Beverage Industries” specializes agro based product design, research, motivation and marketing food and beverage also agro-products on superior quality.

Our main strengths include our in-depth knowledge of the market in abroad and the opportunities for the products, our dynamic ways and our commitment to always offer professional and responsible services.

Although, we are usually a teenage object in this business, there is made a good eminent position for us as a grade food and beverage living product producer. “Leen Food and Beverage Industries” is currently one of the popular food & beverage image among the lot of people in Northeast, India and try to other parts of world executing.

We work close to our clients to understand their business, their needs and their risks. In “Leen Food and Beverage Industries” you will find a business partner that adapts himself continuously to the development of your business.

Our vision & mission

Our Vision:

“To be the leaders in our business, we will stand apart from the competition by being the first in the market to innovate.”

We recognize that our customer has a choice and we need to combine speed, efficiency , technology , design , innovation to be that choice in an industry where on time delivery and quality are a given

We have a belief “every challenge is an opportunity.

Our Mission:

“We will be the leaders in our business by – maintaining high quality, introducing new and innovative products, reaching every part of the World, remaining customer-centric, constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills.”

Our philosophy:

The Philosophy of Our Profit:-

At Leen Food and Beverage Industries”, it’s not just about the business. It’s how we go about it. It’s about the people. It’s about the culture and ethics. It’s also about sustainability and social responsibility. Our philosophy is built around our need to lead, our need to innovate, and our need to make the world a better place with a little contribution from us.

Our Core Team


Mr. Joynul Abedin Shahriar (JAS Prince), He is the founder Managing Director & CEO of the company.

He has long experience of 10 years through working in different Executive positions both in multinational company and several private sector organizations in Asia

Mr. JAS has MBA from Global University 2008. He has demonstrated his Management capability in planning and execution of a business. He is overall in- charge and responsible to run this company.




Mr. Abdur Rahim Choudhary
Deputy Managing Director (DMD)
Mr. Rahim Choudhary his professional career with a reputed FMCG Group of company in India as a Sales Representative he had been working in the same sectors last 08 years in different positions. He is the founder Deputy Managing Director (DMD) at “Leen Food and Beverage Industries”.